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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Moana Halloween Costumes

For some reason I decided that it would be cheaper for me to make Jakob's Maui shirt than for me to buy it. I suppose in the end it was cheaper, but oh my lanta, it was SO time consuming. SUPER fun though!!!

So I start drawing and I have Jakob try it on to make sure that his boobs and abs are lining up and then I realize I drew everything on the back of the shirt!!!!! I was so beyond disappointed! I mean, seriously... how dumb of me. the shirt was looking awesome though! 

My templates.

Cutting out Maui's hook. 

Parts and pieces for Tomatoa. 

Back in the tatoo parlor. At this point we are looking at about 8 hours of work. This thing was a beast. 

That's one happy crab!

And finishing the Shiny shell! 

Halloween Night! This was the only time that we got all dressed up as a family. I was pretty excited about these costumes.

E was a super cute Moana. 

 Moana and Maui.

 Duke was just darling at Tomatoa. He was super into those crab claws! 

 This year I went for close enough, but not exact and I really enjoyed it. The shell was a pillow covered in shiny fabric and then I spray painted some shells, beads and coins in gold. I was pretty happy with it. 

 Love him!!

 Daddy's shirt was a lot of work but the end product was awesome!! His hook was cardboard, wrapped in tape and spray painted. His skirt was felt leaves and then I stitched on some leaves.  Here's a few too many photos.

 I ended up having a few extra spaces so I made up a tattoo of my own. I thought it turned out pretty cute. 

My dress was purchased a green dress at savers and stitched some leaves on it. Super easy.

I sprayed my hair green, and used a garland for my crown.

Happy Halloween!!

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