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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Canada Day

It was 114° here in Vegas on Canada Day so we didn't do much but hunker down indoors and try to keep cool. I couldn't resist getting dressed up despite the heat. Our outfits were pretty last minute (E's shirt was made 15 minutes before church started) but I was pleased with the final outcome. I'll have to go all out next year to coordinate E and little Duke.
We were hot and late for church so this is the best I got of her rocking her little onesie. So cute! I just love our little half and half princess. 

Here's a close up of her shirt. (Please excuse the watermelon stains. Further proof I do not always have E all prim and proper contrary to popular belief.

I really wanted to decorate this year but living in the States it's rather difficult to purchase Canadian decorations and Pinterest really didn't have many ideas. (Shocking I know!) I saw this 4th of July banner and decided I should make my own Canadian version as well. I had all of the supplies on hand. I used canvas instead of burlap and it took a total of 1 hour to complete! SCORE! 

I love, love, love it! So festive! Next year I'm going all out!

And who could go wrong with a Canada Day Breakfast? I hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day! I dearly miss my country and all of the wonderful people who live there! HAPPY CANADA DAY EH?!

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