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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hair Bow Holder

Do you ever get that adrenaline rush after you finish a project? You're giddy, can't stop staring at whatever it is you've made, and can't wait to make something else? Crafting is my addiction and I'm not afraid to admit it.
 E's hair bows have been scattered everywhere for quite some time. I had a ribbon holding some in our closet. Some tule hanging from her wall in her room which was just tacky and then odds and ends in a basket in the dresser. In summation: chaos! So I was perusing Pinterest for some inspiration when I came across this. HELLO ADORABLE!  Only thing is they wanted $29.99 for it. After doing a quick search I came to find that these things range from $25 - $45!!! I knew I could make one myself and I did! SCORE!

 Supplies: Cardboard box, tulle, ribbon, fleece/ batting, lace, cheap satin, hot glue gun. I got my lace, tulle and satin 50% and I had all the other supplies on hand which put this project at a whopping $2.87. Now that's more like it. All you do is cut and glue. Watch your fingers... I burnt myself more times than I care to admit. If you want it to look more finished you could make two and then glue them together. or simply add ribbon to hide the seams. I didn't really care since it was going to be against the wall anyways.

 I had a feeling Peanut would be tugging on those ribbons so instead of just gluing them to the cardboard I punched holes and looped them through. Then to keep it from sliding and ran it through the sewing machine on a wide zig zig.

 Cover with ribbon, add some bows and a few sparkles and TA DA! You're finished and rather proud of yourself for saving a bundle of money!

 I just made all of those mini polka dot bows this week as well, so this dress is looking pretty full. I suppose I'll have to make another one. What color should I do this time. Best part is I can make it whatever color I want! Oh the joys of DIY!!! Happy Crafting.

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