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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Candy Gram

Day 2: A candy gram. It doesn't get any easier than that. I found choosing candy was quite difficult compared to back home. We have a larger selection of candy bars to choose from thus making the letter a little more unique. He appreciated it none the less.

This wasn't my best effort at being romantic but what can I say.... good enough and my man appreciated it and that's all that matters. Here's what his letter said:

Dear m&m (Mr. Marvelous),
Lately I have been thinking about our mentos. Back when you whisked me away from my snow caped wonderland. I marvel at the rocky road it took to get us here (immigration) but it has been a good and plentyful journey. You are one hot tamale even if you are a nerd. I am looking forward to having little runts one day. You always know how to put that extra crunch into life. (I just so happen to be eating that crunch bar as I type) You are worth more than 100 grand. I love the extra punch you put into our sensational marriage. I love you fruity bear.
Love your Sweetart

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