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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stick Figure Pillows

Some might recall the letter that Jakob gave me for Christmas this year. I thought it was so cute I wanted to recreate it onto a pillow. So onto Google I went in search of such a thing. I stumbled into this site that made full size pillow cases, not exactly what I was looking for but why not inquire the price..... $40!!! I almost had a heart attack! Plus shipping and handling and they weren't even stitched on! So I decided to make them myself, for the tune of $3.45 (Mom Tobler and I had everything on hand except an embroidery hoop.)

I am so pleased with the end result! And it was super easy (it took me 7 1/2 hours but it was easy). They fit just perfectly on our bed and Jakob loved them. It has been one of my favorite creations thus far. *sigh* So cute!

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