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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Clown Costume

Since I made my elf dress back in November, I decided that I wanted to make a clown dress as well. After all my clown pants have seen better days! The only problem was trying to find a dress that wasn't too form fitting and could be made to have several different colors. While doing a party with a coworker, she was wearing the perfect dress! I took pictures of it and showed it to Mom Tobler and the process began.

I finished this beauty within a week. It involved several trips to JoAnn's for extra supplies. We took several aspects from multiple patterns to get exactly what I was looking for. The hardest part however was trying to make it look "clown like", yet keep it from being too overwhelming with different patterns. I decided I wanted a "polka dot" theme and we ran with it. I LOVE the bloomers underneath! They add so much to the look of the costume. Plus then I don't have to worry about my dress flying up!

To, me it's the little details that make this dress. We added rickrack around all of the edges and let me tell you it made all of the difference. We also put an elastic in the arm so I could wear layers underneath in the winter.

Since we were having a pre made bow, we needed a way for me to attach the sash to the dress. We decided on attaching Velcro on the end of the belt and on the inside of the yellow front. That way it is quick and easy to attach. When you are racing from party to party, you need your costumes to be quick and easy to get into!

For the tie Mom Tobler envisioned a massive bow so that's what we did. I absolutely love the black pattern fabric. It brought me back to my teenage years! (My room was painted lime green and blue.) The bow was pre made and attached to the center of the belt so it would stay crisp. I love it!!

I am sooooo pleased with the end result! It was a struggle for me to wear a mass amount of pink but I love how it all came together. Plus, did you notice my pink shoes? Adorable! Perhaps I'm opeing up to the colour. My next project is yet to be determined. I think I am going to put a hold on my sailor dress for now. We'll see...

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