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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Brown Vintage Dress

I started this project back in November, crazy I know. Not that this dress took a long time by any stretch of the imagination it simply got hung in the closet while other projects were being completed. Plus Mom Tobler took a month long "vacation" which once again put this baby on hold. At long last it is complete and I am thrilled.

I try not to keep track of time firstly because I never remember to and secondly once I start I get frustrated when I realize it's taken me 2 1/2 hours to put in a zipper which should have only taken me 15 minutes. It takes away from the joys of learning to sew and doing it correctly instead of quickly. (Okay I may or may not have stolen those words directly from Mom Tobler.) In total (including cutting which always consumes an entire day) it took me 5 sewing days (approx. 36 hours) not exactly what I'm used to, usually I'm trying to get it done so I can wear it to church the next day, but not feeling rushed was a nice change of pace.

I am so pleased with the final out come! I simply adore the brown! I am totally into high waisted skirts and the 50's style dresses right now. I think they are classy and better yet modest! It is so nice not having to alter, layer, or pin my clothes to make them modest. I love how the buttons finish off off this dress and the kick pleat in the back, just gives it that extra something.

The next project... clown dress. Not so classy but it will be cute. My clown pants I wear for work have a huge rip in the bottom and are missing a pocket. I've wanted to make a clown dress for awhile now but I couldn't find anything that wasn't too form fitting or formal. Hopefully I'll be able to get that done by May. I have to rip apart a dress that I bought at D.I. that was too small and put a corset in the back to make it fit. As far as my next full dress goes...

I've had my eye on this dress from Bettie Page for awhile now. I absolutely love it, only I can't decided whether I should make it a pencil or full? What are your thoughts?

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