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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Easter Blocks

For Christmas this past year I made some blocks for a mantle piece & I fell in love with the idea. Somehow I forgot to blog about it so those pictures will go up this Christmas instead. For a whopping $4.00 at Lowes (2 2x4's) my fabulous husband was able to cut me enough blocks for Easter, Halloween & Christmas.

I am far to cheap to purchase actual stencils so I printed off some funky letters off of my computer and cut them out with an exacto knife. From this past Christmas experience I glued the paper to the block with a glue stick this time. The letters came out much crisper and left no residue on the block.

I am quite pleased with the result and even more impressed with the price. With our house colors being black and red, my little blocks look a little out of place. I think I need to make a wreath or something funky to add to the Easter feel. Any ideas?

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