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Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Bee-Day

Are you ready for an overwhelming amount of pictures of mostly the decor? As soon as I decided the theme for Ethnie's party back in January my head just started buzzing with ideas. I really feel that difference between fun and awesome parties are all in the details so I went all out. I have officially crossed over into "crazy mom" territory. I would always make fun of Mom's who made this HUGE event for their one year old but now I understand and boy it was fun! 

 This is the main wall. I've seen many streamer walls at birthday parties and I just fell in love with the idea! Super simple and an awesome effect! The idea of a canopy I came up with on my own however. I wanted the streamers to come from somewhere so I settled on the canopy. 6 hours later I had a somewhat symmetrical canopy and streamer wall. So worth it! 

 One of my favorite features was the beehive pinata. Once again super simple but insanely time consuming. The pinata part took me the better part of 6 hours to complete. Each bee took an additional 1/2 hour and we had them buzzing all around the house. They were so stinking cute! I'd like all to know that I started prepping for this party a month in advance so I wouldn't be so stressed. This was a labor of love and worth every second. I don't think I could have been so detailed had I thrown it together within a week.

 Mmmmm the food. We originally had planned a Bee-Bee- Que but we were unable to borrow a grill so we had sandwiches instead which worked out better for everyone! They were delicious! A big thank you to Mom Tobler for helping slice everything up!! You are so wonderful!

 We had some chips in the little bee bucket. He was so cute!

 The desert table. 

I would like everyone to take a minute and just sit and admire the cake for me! *Insert choir of angels here* I asked Mom Tobler to create a beehive cake and she far surpassed my expectations. It was so cute and so prefect! I just love all of the little bee's. Thank you so much Mom!!! (To see the creative process visit Mom's blog here.)

 So I was perusing blogs and Pinterest and I came across a site that had fabulous ideas for a bee themed party. (Link here) I fell in love with the printables and decided to look into how much it would cost to order some.... $40. And I had to print them and use my own ink. Not happening. For some it would be totally logical, no hassle, worry free, not me. I knew I could make something along the same lines myself. After several hours of cutting, pasting, and resizing I came up with my own patterns and I was very pleased. 

 I ordered the honey bear containers and filled them with honeycombs. These were additional little favors. They were so cute! 

 The drink bar. Mom Tobler found the pitcher for a steal of a deal and it was perfect!

 A quick picture of E's highchair that she didn't even sit in. Tutu and wings. It was lame but meh, it worked. 

 I scrapped up a banner of all Ethnie's monthly photos. Love the end result! 

 I was super stoked about this banner! It came out so perfectly! 

 I just had to have some bee nails too. They were a last minute paint job so they were pretty shaky but it did the trick.

 What her invitation looked like.

 On to the party. Phew! E is finally warming up to balloons. She really enjoyed toting these helium ones around.
 Gramma was so wonderful and made Ethnie a special dress for her big day. Not only that, she made E's baby a matching dress. They were so cute together! 

 Just recently E has discovered outside. She really wanted to play in the rocks while we were setting up.

 Okay guys! I'm ready to paaaaaar-taaay!

 As mentioned on several occassions before, I work of a children's birthday party company. Originally I had planned to simply twist some balloons for the kids. After speaking with my boss however she suggested that we have an entertainer come as her gift. I was so glad that she convinced me to do it! Bella was amazing as per usual!

 They did the hokey-pokey and other fun dances! E really enjoyed the music and even started to dance along until she got distracted by the rocks. Silly girl!

 Then they face painted! E sat so still for Bella. I've never painted on her before so she was pretty excited about that! 

 Then it was time for some magic!! We made a cupcake! All of the kids were such good helpers!

 After balloons it was time for Bella to leave! It was such a relief to have her there! The kids just loved her! It was a strange feeling being on the other side of the party. I've never been the Mama before! I couldn't have asked for anyone better! Thank you Bella!!

 Then it was time to smash a pinata! The kids really got into it. Unfortunately the hole ripped before the pinata broke so the boys got creative.

 Candy for everyone!

 E wasn't too fond of people beating up the pinata. Poor girl. Violence just isn't her thing. 

 Singing Happy Birthday, this time without a candle. 

 That was a wrap for the party. E was super tired and needed to go for a nap. We made sure to say thank you to her guests on her behalf. 

 Once she woke up Gramma and Grampa were still around to help open presents. Boy this girl was spoiled. A huge thank you to everyone! I just loved the wrapping on this gift! Karen is so creative!

 And that's the end!! (Please admire the bum cover Mom made for E's dress... so cute and totally unseen now that she's walking.) We had such a fun time and are so grateful for all those who came to celebrate with us!!!

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