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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentines Backpack and Bunting

 I had been searching around online for a cute little back pack to put Jakob's and Ethnie's Valentine treasures in because sometimes a mail box just doesn't cut it. I figure that since E was born in February I will start to make Valentines a little more special. After doing some digging I came across this back pack at Pottery Barn Kids. Super cute and just was I was looking for accept even on sale these were $14.99 a pop plus an additional $7.99 if I wanted to embroider a name on it! That would be $91.92 for the four of us (new baby too) plus shipping and handling. No Thanks. So i decided I would make my own.

Tada! I didn't have a pattern but lets be serious these are pretty simple to throw together. It took me approx 4 hours with the hand embroidery and I got all of the supplies for 4 of them for less than $20. Now that's more like it. 

 Even though I had to take the time to make them (I only ended up making E's and Jakob's. I'll make mine and new babies once we name it.) It feels a little more special since they came from me and not the store. I also was able to make them bigger than PB's and I got rid of the slit in the top. 

 I then decided that I wanted to decorate our mantel. Our mantel is a beast. I hate this thing. But we do what we can since we are only renting. I had all of the supplies as left overs from previous projects and the whole thing took me about 3 hours to make. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

 I love the final outcome! I did make seven flags and just tucked them under the candles since I figure our mantel in our future home will be a bit bigger! That's a wrap of Valentines. Onto BIRTHDAY!!!! Can't believe that E will be ONE in 4 days!!

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