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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Halloween Trophies

Last year Jakob and I hosted a Halloween party and it was so much fun that we decided that it would become a yearly tradition. This year however I have more than 5 days to plan which is SO much better. We decided that this year we needed to kick it up a notch however by awarding prizes for various things. At first this had me puzzled. I wanted to achieve a trophy look without the trophy price so I resolved to making my own (risky I know) So off to Michaels I went....

... and I found these guys! Perfect! AND only $1.99?! Be still my beating heart! Naturally, the statue just didn't say trophy the way I wanted (and of course I couldn't just say good enough) so I went to find a base and came across some wood blocks for the large ones and clay pot bases for the little ones. It was a good day.

I spray painted the bases black. NOTE: Do not use your husbands expensive nerd paint! He'll come home and be slightly annoyed that you emptied the can when black paint would work just as well. Plus clay pots tend to absorb the stuff like a sponge. In summation just stick to a paint brush.

I then sanded the edges on the wooden bottoms to give it a weathered look.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to use a hot glue gun so I didn't bother taking a picture. Plus it's incredibly hard to hold the gun, statue, and click a photo at the same time.

I then glued the statue to the base! The witch and skeleton looked a little lack luster so I added some ribbon for flavor and you're done! I am in love with them! And the total cost was less than $15 for all 4!

My next projects? Carmel apples, pumpkin cakes, cake balls, mummy pizzas, and you guessed it this mantelpiece. I have my work cut out for me. Only one week left!!!

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