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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Paper Dress

Do any of you follow @2sisters_angie on instagram? She is brilliant. She helps her four year old daughter make dresses out of paper and they are incredible.

 I figured since E loves dress so much that we should try and rock one out. She loved it!! She was really good about helping to tape and cut. Our first attempt was a bit tall and small. Too long but too small around. Never the less E had a blast wearing it.

 Like I said it was too small. She wore it for the rest of Duke's nap and was so worried about ripping it that she stood the whole time. This girl is hilarious.

 The next day we made another one. Bigger neckline, bigger around, shorter torso and skirt. 

 She could actually walk and play in this one. 

We need to go buy more wrapping paper. E has asked me to make her a new dress every week. I'm so excited that she enjoys this so much. It is super fun for both of us!

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