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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiet Book Week - Ammon Defends the Sheep

 I made a few changes to Laura's page. First, I made both Ammon and the Sheep detachable. I thought it would be cool for Ammon to come off the page a chop off some arms.

 The arms are fastened on with snaps. I did however sew my clubs onto the robbers arms. This way they can swing them at Ammon.

 Once again, just like Goliath, Ammon was inspired by Jakob. I had completed Laura's Ammon and when I was showing Jakob the final product he said; "Love, this won't do! Everyone knows Ammon is ripped and half naked! I'm sorry I can't accept this as Ammon. You'll have to redo him." So he toted me over to the computer to prove that in most of the pictures Ammon is in fact shirtless. If you know Jakob at all you can totally imagine him doing this. Jakob drew out a pattern for me and now we have "Buff Ammon." "Weak sauce Ammon" as Jakob calls him became Nephi.

 Obviously you can't be "Buff Ammon" without a six pack and pectorals. Good golly my Husband makes me smile. 

 I also quite enjoy his skirt/ belt. While I did make him Jakob 100% supervised, right down to the color selection. 

 Back side of Ammon.

 It was a little bit tough to explain to Vi why Ammon was chopping off arms and why it was the "Right" thing to do. Perhaps this page is better suited for boys. :)

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