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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiet Book Week - Future Missionary

 This page is another original, though I'm sure I got the idea from somewhere I couldn't find anything online. On this page you simply switch out the different ties which are attached with Velcro.

 There is also an extra little Missionary tag for them to wear. I was super disappointed when I went to the church book store, they only had pin on tags. Once upon a time they were slide on like actual badges. This is potential safety hazard so I'll be keeping an eye out for the slide on ones. 

 For this page I went to D.I. (a thrift store) and bough a size 3-6 m boys dress shirt. I cut it to fit the page and I sewed it on. I made a little pocket for the badge and ta da! All finished. For the ties I purchased some at the thrift store and used the ends. a little time consuming but super simple!!

We have three different ties and a bow tie courtesy for Gramma Tobler! This is a very simple yet fun page where I can continue adding different ties!

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