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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiet Book Week - Armour of God

 This is the final page of my book. I really like dressing up this little man. I got the idea and pattern from Laura here.

 This is what he looks like in full uniform.

 On the back I hand stitched which verse each item went to. Eph 6: 14 -17. I did this all free hand which is why it's a bit uneven. 

 I also thought a chest might be a fun idea. I was wrong. Cute yes but it's a little bit difficult to get the pieces in and out. I didn't realize on Laura's page she had a big flap to put hers in. If I was doing it again I'd do that. Thankfully I have a zipper pouch in my case but that's tomorrow's post.
I hope you enjoyed my quiet book. Tomorrow I will post a summary and pictures of my case and some tips on staying organized.

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