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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Quiet Book Week - Peter Fishing

Have you ever been in primary and the teacher brings out the fishing rod? Those kids go insane! They love fishing and when I saw the original fishing page I had to have one! She has an excellent step by step tutorial to follow!

 Violet spent the most time playing with this page. Can you blame her?

 I made a few differences on my page from the original. First I put faces on all ten fish. 

 Let me tell you, you will be so sick of fish by the end if it all but it's totally worth it. Don't they look adorable? 

 I then numbered them one to ten. It was all free hand so some numbers like 9 are a little sketchy.

 I would also recommend using an incredibly STRONG magnet. The one I used can catch all 10 fish if we wanted and it makes a world of difference. This is another favorite of mine! So fun, so cute!

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