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Monday, February 2, 2015

Kids Activites

As most of you know, I like to craft. Lucky for me, so do Charlie and Greta. As with any holiday I was pretty excited to get our craft on, so me made a few crafts while I was there. First up, Turkey name place cards. 

E wasn't into making any more turkey crafts so she colored with us. She was so cute just doing her own thing. 

Charlie and Greta were superstars. They were awesome listeners and they did a really good job making the turkeys. We had to make 14 of them. 

They also pose for pictures really well. Kids after my own heart. 

Aren't those just darling?!

 Thanksgiving morning we made a thankful tree. Charlie Greta and I filled it up.

 I'm grateful for moments and smiles like these.

I was rather excited to be done with turkeys. Not that they aren't super cute but I am stoked to begin Christmas crafts. First up, paper snowflakes!!!!

Once again E didn't want to make a snowflake so she sat with us, ate an orange and ooo'd and ahhhh'd over  our creations. 

Everyone got pretty into it. Pa, Grammy, and Jakob all made a few too!

The best part is seeing what it will end up looking like. 

Our final products. Do you see the Batman and Spiderman snowflakes?

For our final day we mad hand print snowmen and finger print Christmas trees. 

Others colored. E was so excited to have all these different craft supplies to play with. 

Our Snowmen. Mine (top), Greta (bottom left), and Charlie's (bottom right). Greta and Charlie made theirs look like Margot, Georgie, Greta and Charlie. Mine is our little family. These were a lot of fun, complete with sparkles.

Then Greta and I rocked out some Christmas trees. 

Oh, let's not forget the Play Doh. E was in heaven. We had a blast making all of our crafts!! :)

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