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Monday, February 2, 2015

Kids Activites

This week was a bit crazy. This kids got sick and so they stayed home from church, we had the Elders over twice, Jakob flew to Little Rock for an interview over night and Mom Tobler arrived on the 21st. We were in full get-ready-for-Grammy-and-to-travel-to-North-Carolina mode but that didn't stop us from having fun. 

I asked E if she wanted to make hand print turkey's. She said no thank you so I decided I would make one. Once she saw me making mine, she had to have a turn painting her hand. She was so cute!! 

I just love the paint on her face. A true artist. 

Our final product. Gobble Gobble.

 I read the following meme's on Facebook and I had to share. This is pretty much how our day went. 

This one especially relates to Duke. So instead of cleaning we did this...

Nothing quite like emptying all of the toys out of the toy box and playing hide and seek. :)

E and I make a footprint turkey. She decided that she didn't want to make the center footprint so I just used my hand to make it. He turned out pretty cute regardless. 

E has been making me cakes all week for my birthday out of play doh. She gets them all pretty, adds some frosting, sticks a candle in them, insists that I wear a birthday hat, and then sings me happy birthday but she gets to blow out the candle. It is so cute and if a truly ate as many cakes as she has made for me, I would be the size of a house!

Both Grammy and Daddy returned home and we did a lot of playing. E's new favorite game to play with Grammy is "Hide and Seek Princess" where Grammy hides her pegs princesses around the house. So glad that Mom and Jakob and back!! So looking forward to going to North Carolina for Thanksgiving!!

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