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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sesame Street Quiet Book- Count von Count

What is more perfect than counting with Count von Count? I made The Count a two page spread as well.

Sewing him together was a mental exercise. At one point I was stitching through 7 layers of felt and cotton. This was an intirucut pattern but I think he came out brilliantly. 

Once I had sewn him to my cotton background I thought he needed a little web up in the corner. I hand embroidered the web on and the I added the ric rac. It had to be exact. Thankfully everything lined up on the first try!

I love all of the little details, the monocle, the eye lids, the eye lash. I think he looks great! 

For the activity I wanted to have the kids count things. I decided to go with bats. I added one of the bats to the page with Count on it. 

I put the other four on the second page along with the words. 

Each little bat has googly eyes that I sewed on by hand. Glue wouldn't sick and I really wanted to have eyes. Hopefully these will last awhile!

E is getting really good at snaps. I think if I were to do this page again however I would use Velcro to make things simpler. 

This pattern is available for purchase via my Etsy shop along with detailed assembly instructions. I can't get enough of this page. I think Count von Count looks fabulous!

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