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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sesame Street Quiet Book - Oscar the Grouch

Who doesn't love Oscar the Grouch? This was my last page to complete and I think we ended on a high note! 

Oscar was interesting to assemble. There was lots of tacking here and lifting there to get everything to sit right. I love his little hands and eye brows though. He came out quite handsome. 

The trash. Originally I had planned on having different colored slime/ blobs for the kids to match the color. I cut them out set them on the page and the page went from looking fabulous to looking cheap and rushed. I couldn't do it which was frustrating because I had already written on the fabric saying "Match the Slime." instead of "Match the Trash."  I was ready to be done with this quiet book but I had to do it right so I give you, the trash. 

The fish, This guy makes the page. I totally love him!

Another favorite, the Apple core which had to be done entirely by hand but it was so worth it! 

I embroidered around each item so that E could match them up.

Like I said before I had already written "Match the slime the SCRAM!" in pen (my evaporating marker is packed away somewhere) so I attempted to erase it with rubbing alcohol. It worked, sort of. It made a mess of things and instead of risking ruining Oscar I just made a patch and covered it up. Oscar is trashy anyways so I didn't mind having a patch job :).

As an after though Jakob suggested that I add Slimy. Jakob is actually quiet involved in my creations adding imput here and there. I am so thankful of his support and encouragement.

That's it! That's my Sesame Street Quiet Book! This pattern is available for purchase via my Etsy shop along with detailed assembly instructions. 

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