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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sesame Street Quiet Book - The Page

Here are some details about my pages. I cut my pages out of a cotton fabric. Depending on the book I use quilting fabric or just solid colors. To make the pages stiff and to help keep everything in place when doing all of the embroidery I use the heaviest iron on interfacing I can find. I cut my pages at 11x11 and I cut the interfacing at 10x10. I do this so that the interfacing does not end up in the final seam to avoid additional bulk.  

To finish my pages I like to add ric rac around the edges. It adds some some color and texture and I am a big fan. To do this take the ric rac and start at a corner. Stitch down the center of the ric rac 1/2" from the outside edge of your fabric. Stitch all the way around. Be sure that you match BOTH the thread and the bobbin thread to the color of your ric rac.

Stitching down the center will give you that cute zig zag edge once we flip it over. 

Once you have stitched all the way around be sure to back stitch. This is how it should look on the back. You will be using the red thread as a guide to stitch along in a few minutes. You can do it with white as well but I like the bright color so that you can see it better. 

What it should look like from the top.

You are now going to put the two completed pages right sides together. Pin around the edges so that everything stays in place when you stitch around.There is nothing worse than a crooked page!

You are now going to stitch around three sides of your page EXACTLY on top of that colored sewing line you stitched earlier.

Be sure to leave the bottom open so that you can flip it right side out. 

Clip your top two corners so they will be nice and crisp once you flip it right side out. 

Flip it right side out. 

Pin the bottom of the page closed. Press the page to get all of those seams nice and flat. 

Top stitch around the outside edge of the page to finish it up. 

Remember to switch thread colors when top stitching on characters. You may need to change your bobbin thread if the character is on the underside of the page. That is how I finish my pages. :)

I also add grommets on each page so that I can put them together with book rings. They are very simple to apply and I like how clean they look. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. All of my quiet book pages are available at my Etsy shop.

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