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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Frozen Castle Cake

The cake. I knew that I wanted it to be amazing. I wasn't sure exactly what the theme for the cake was going to be but I was really leaning towards an Olaf cake or a castle. Once I saw this video, that was it. That was my cake. And better yet, they had a video that had the creation process step by step! The only difference would be that I was going to do mine in fondant where they frosted theirs (that's way too hardcore for me!)

This was also my first cake without Mom Tobler. It felt a little bit wrong doing this without her. She is my super hero and I am her side kick and this time I had to be the brains behind the operation. It was seriously intimidating but thankfully I had my Dad here and boy, I put him to work. First item of business was the marshmallow fondant. I used this recipe and it turned out perfectly!

It was a lot of work, and Dad's arm was pretty tired by the end. 

I used two pieces of cardboard for the base but we ended up putting it on a cookie sheet since the cake was so heavy! I also used a small piece of cardboard covered in foil for the base of the top layer for support and stability. 

Time to dirty Ice. We used an 8" pan and we did three layers (white, blue and purple). 

Time to roll and drape the fondant

I stuck in several bamboo skewers to help support the base. This really helped keep the base from sagging!

For the top we used two Costco muffins split and stacked.

Then I got super excited and stopped taking pictures. Oops but all of this is in that video that I linked to in the begginning. The large towers were hostess mini cakes covered in chocolate. We stacked four per tower and made four towers, dirty iced them and covered them in fondant. For the mini towers we used mini chocolate covered donuts stacked three high and then dirty iced those and rolled them in fondant. For the tower peeks we used two different sized waffle cones. 

Let me tell you, we cut it close! We had the tiniest little bit of fondant left over! 

Once the door was added I covered the cracks with some butter cream frosting. It really gave it a finished look! We then stuck on some white chocolate snowflakes that I had made the night before. 

She was beautiful!!! The cake took us approximately 6 hours from start to finish (not including baking the cakes. 

Funny story: we set the cake in the trunk of my car for safe keeping since it wasn't going to fit in our fridge and I was worried that Ricky the racoon would get it. The next morning I sent my Dad on an errand to get a few things before the party. He came back and I asked him if he had taken the cake out of the trunk. He hadn't. My heart broke. I thought it was ruined and I was prepared for the worst. My Dad came in with the cake and it was PERFECT! Not a snowflake had fallen! It must have been held by angels because there were tons of bumps, turns on that drive and it was the only thing in the trunk. So blessed!
Not a scratch. 
And it tasted good too!!! Thanks for helping me Dad!! It was a lot of fun! Now... IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!!

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