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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Frozen Birthday Party

 After a month of planning, crafting, cooking and decorating it was finally time for E's birthday party. We set Opa straight to work on last minute details taping the crowns together... 

 ... while E and I got our nails party ready! 

  Ethnie wore her Elsa Dress but I wanted Duke to be dressed up too so I made him a Kristoff costume. (This is the best picture that I could get of them together.)

 I was seriously pleased with how this bad boy turned out. I didn't have any sort of pattern I just started cutting away at some fabric. Having now made the costume I would have done a few things differently, the sleeves were too tight the neck line needed some work but for the most part I couldn't have asked for it to turn out much better than that with no pattern. 

 He was the cutest little Kristoff even if he wasn't too impressed. We ended up cutting the arms off so he could bend his arms. I thought they would be a little looser. :)

 The Decorations:
Living rooms are always a bit difficult to decorate. There is so much already going on with furniture and we needed all the space we could get for people to sit so we went with tissue Pom Poms and sparkly snowflakes which really gave the space a pop of color without it adding any more chaos to the floor. 
 A snowflake banner with her name on it. I cut this out on my Cricket.

The Olaf Pinata. (For the creative process behind Olaf click here.) I was thrilled with how he turned out. I was a bit sad that we were going to break him open.

 Olaf had some cotton ball snow strands and paper snowflakes around him to make his own personal flurry.

Every time I would walk by this sign I had to say "Ooo and Sauna!" This was made out of cardboard and I glued cotton balls to the top for the snow. 

 The canopy roof. I used 6 plastic table cloths from the dollar store to create the canopy ceiling. It gave it this light and airy feel and I loved how it tied everything together!

 I am a big fan of the streamer wall. It was the perfect way to hide the chaos of my kitchen. I cut out several paper snowflakes and hung them from the canopy and along the streamer wall. I really wanted it to feel like it was snowing inside. 

The food table. This was the first year that I didn't have Mom Tobler here to help me. I usually put her in charge of food and I focus on decorating but this year I had to fly solo so I kept things really simple. (Clink on links for recipes.)
The Menu: 
To Drink: Melted Snowman (Water)
Chicken Salad & PB& J Sandwiches
Sven's Antlers (Pretzels)
Olaf's Nose (Carrots)
Frozen Hearts (Strawberries dipped in chocolate)
Kristoff's Ice (Blue Jello)

The Games:
 Pin the nose on Olaf

Snowman Toss

 I Spy

 Things were so busy we didn't even have a chance to play some of the games but they were pretty cute!

Time to PARTY:
 A quick family photo before we start!

 Let's not forget Opa!

 We started off with food!

 While we ate the kids played with toys.

 Then some played I Spy.

 Then we played Pin the Nose on Olaf. The kids wanted nothing to do with closing their eyes. So they just ran up and stuck the nose on. Clearly E knows where Olaf's nose it. ;)

 Then it was time for face painting!

 Daddy and Duke went and hid in the bedroom cuddled up watching a show. Duke wanted to get into everything. Busy boy!

 After face painting we did some dancing.

 Then the girls sang Let it Go. They really got into it! E sang right along. I have sang this song at 100 different parties with 100 different birthday girls but it really melted my heart to see how happy my little girl was singing her heart out. 

 Time to break Olaf! He was sturdy! Daddy finally had to rip him open to get the candy out. 

 Once Olaf was broken E just bawlled up on the floor and cried. She didn't like that Olaf was broken.
 Poor girl. 

 Then it was time for magic. The girls really enjoyed this.

 Everybody tapping the oven with their wands! 

Cupcakes for everyone!!

 Then we had cake.
It was a wonderful birthday party and E had a blast! It makes all of those countless hours totally worth it!

Happy birthday Ethnie! Thank you to all those who came to make it an extra special day. E still hasn't stopped talking about all of her friends coming to play princess with her. It was a wonderful day that I think she will remember for a long time!! P.s. Thanks to all of the Mama's that came to support me and to all of the Daddy's who stayed home with their boys so we could party!!

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