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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Princess Dress Make-over (Sort Of)

My SIL Janet sent Ethnie some adorable princess dresses. Unfortunately E is not a fan of skirts. Thankfully I have a sewing machine. In less than 10 minutes I took those two pieces "skirts" and made then in to....
 Princess dresses that were "So cute and beautiful Mommy" -Ethnie. Talk about your easy fix!!

 She also sent this SUPER cute Elsa blue skirt, which E wanted nothing to do with. (She can be such a stinker.) I had miss placed her Elsa dress (gasp!) and this was the perfect replacement. I went into her drawer and found a shirt that went with the skirt nicely. 

 Two minutes later.... Voila! 

 And this little princess couldn't have loved it more! 

 Thank you so much Aunt Janet for the treasures!!! You're the best!

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