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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Friday Fun

I have decided to bring back the Friday Fun Posts. I never meant for them to stop but life has a way of being a bother. So here is our Friday Fun Post for this week!

I once again put paint in Ziploc baggies and decided to let the kids goof around with it. They liked it for about 10 seconds and then Duke was trying to rip it apart. This is our second attempt at this craft and it has bombed both times.

It was a BIG fort day!! We grabbed just about every blanket in the house and had  them covering the table and all the chairs and then we made a nice little bed inside. We grabbed our lanterns, stories and puzzles and had an afternoon in another little world.

We spent the afternoon jumping on the mattresses! This is the greatest activity EVER especially if I want to get a few things done while they just play!

I had the harsh realization the other day that I really do not craft with Duke at all. He is more than capable I just don't ever think about doing crafty things with him. That is mine and E's thing, SO I brought out Q-tip painting which was awesome when E was his age! 

 He loved it!! And it was SOOO cute watching him just paint away!

For some reason the kids {love} playing with my carpet in the living room. They will roll it up, climb under it, have one lay under and the other will jump on top of them, ya know, kid stuff. As long as they are happy and playing together I'm calling it a win and I don't interfere.

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