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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maleficent Wreath

Once Upon a time I was searching Pinterest and I stumbled upon this wreath.  I sent a picture to my friend Dallas and I knew we just had to make one. A few years passed and then I got a package in the mail. It was from Dallas and it was full of goodies to make my very own wreath!!! May I just say once again... I have the MOST INCREDIBLE friends in the world!!! Naturally my entire world stopped so I could get to work on her right away! 

I went and picked up a few things and set straight to work. 

 Unlike my burlap wreath I had to quite literally sew this wreath together. I wanted it to last and doing the twist knot method was simply not working. I used a big 12" wreath hoop for the outside and only did the first two rings with the black mesh sewing it in with the wire as I went. I then filled in the middle and inside ring with the feather boa. I then attached a smaller hoop to the inside and did another layer of the black mesh. and finally a simple layer of the blue ribbon. 

 I made the horns and collar out of foam and wired it all in. I then added in the ornaments and the crow. I seriously couldn't love it any more!!! 

 Thank you so much Dallas! I wish we were closer so we could have crafted them together! Miss you guys!

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